portrait of Anna HegerMy name is Anna Heger. I do comics. They are not funny, because many aim to explain or describe. This is what I want. I also developed alternative pronouns for the third person singular in German, because when I started out there weren’t any.

The Blog on wordpress.org exists since 2008. In 2016 I got the domain annaheger.de. The comics are draw with pen and pencils on paper or created completely digital. You can read them first on the website, but everything that was printed can also be ordered online, 👜.

This website consists of four layers, here you are on the English one:

  • vis is in German and shows visuals including comics
  • text is in German too, but everything is text structured by titles and subtitles, even the comics that were transcribed into pure text
  • en is in English and includes visuals
  • es is in spanish and includes visuals

Please contact me in case you want to use any comic, illustration or text on this website. For any kind of republishing my written consent is necessary. I gave many workshops and lectures before, please feel free to invite me for more in the future.

Please use the form below for contact and requests

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