Minicomics are short comics. Online 12 to 20 panels are arranged on one page. Printed each panel is on a page, the size of a pack of condoms.

Web Comic Series

Starting in July 2020 once a month a new episode is uploaded of Queer Comic Conversations.

Close by

Excerpt from the Comic "Close by": A screen with three people talking online. Comic: Close by 2020 is a one pager, that created to be printed risographically.


Excerpt of blogger walk comic articleComic Documentation: Erika Mann Exhibition in Monacensia in Hildebrandthaus in Munich

El Despertar

Comic illustrations for the spannish poems from the series El Despertar by Vladimir García Morales.

Recently published Comics

  • Web Comic Series: Queer Comic Conversations
    Introduction For Goethe-Institut Wellington in New Zealand, Sam Orchard and me and went to have and draw Queer Comic Conversations. Sam Orchard is well know for his web comic Rooster Tails. This web-comic series is published simultaneously in English and German from July to December 2020. In addition to two pages of visual version of […]
  • Minicomic 03 : Theory of the eggplant in color
    Background to Comic This comic on my complex identity has aged well and now it even comes in color. There is still the black and white version. Go to screenreadable comic version visual version of the comic
  • Comic: Close by 2020
    Background to Comic A one page comic on how my perception of closeness and distance changed in times of the Corona pandemic. Go to screenreadable comic version visual version of the comic
  • Minicomic 21 : Happy
    Background to Comic After more than 5 years a new minicomic. The topic is happiness and it is inspired by talking to R.F. I always thought otters are the cutest animal ever. I strongly advise against googling the sex live of sea otters. Go to screenreadable comic version visual version of the comic
  • ComicChallenge : Walking home 100 miles
    This is an entry for the DailyComicChallenge, that the comic maker Henna Hoplin started. The topic from the 11.4.2015 was WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL… You don’t know stuff until you know it. How did it change how you think or act? Did it? How did it feel to suddenly realize and understand something new […]

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