You can buy Comics by Anna Heger in three cities, in Munich, in Berlin and in Hamburg. I chose four bookshops that I love visiting.

Berlin – Buchladen zur schwankenden Weltkugel

mini comic shelf in the bookshop Buchladen zur schwankenden Erdkugel Buchladen zur schwankenden Weltkugel is a leftist bookshop in Prenzlauer Berg, in Kastanienallee 85. I like the leftist, feminist and queer books they have. They even have graphic novels. You can find the mini comic shelf in the back in the section called Feminismus – Praxis. They started selling mini comics in 2016.

Berlin – b_books

mini comic shelf in the bookshop b_booksThe bookshop b-books in Lübbener Straße 14 in Kreuzberg belongs to the publishing house of the same name. They have a comfy couch.  Part of the books come from the publishing house and there are other leftist books. They sell mini comics since 2016.

Hamburg – Strips and Stories

mini comic shelf in the graphic novel bookshop Strips and StoriesThe comic bookshop Strips & Stories in Seilerstraße 40, in St.Pauli is my most favorite bookshop for graphic novels. They also have magazines, fanzines and novels. They have been selling mini comics since 2013.

München – Kunst- und Textwerk

mini comics on a mini shelf in Ligsalzstrasse in MunichMarkus from Kunst- und Textwerk in Ligsalzstrasse 13, in Westend asked me in 2013 when he saw the mini comics exhibited if I want to sell them in his bookshop. They have a lot of books from small publishing houses there. The sell children’s books, novels and graphic novels. They also have a cafe for reading. There is a special page on their website showcasing how my minicomics are folded from one piece of paper.
In case you have a bookshop in mind where you would like to see my mini comics sold, let me know with the contact form.