Illi Anna Heger – Theory, Alternative Pronouns, Graphic Documentation and Comic Art

What and where?

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What and when?

February 2021 was filled with work behind the scene and preparations. I hardly finished my hourlies. Continue reading →

January 2021 I translated more minicomics, for example »Minicomic 19 : A quota of 100 percent«. Continue reading →

December 2020, all minicomics received their text-only transcript and are now fully screen-readable. Continue reading →

November 2020, “Illi Anna Heger’s Grammatical Futurity”, a paper about my comic zine on alternative pronouns was published in the Canadian paper “Seminar”. Continue reading →

October 2020, Munich based paper Süddeutschen Zeitung publishes an artist’s portrait about me and my documentary comics (German). Continue reading →

September 2020, the first workshop session »Transcribing Screenreadable Comics« is held online with a small group of comic artists. Continue reading →

In August 2020 version 4.0 is released for alternative German xier pronouns, that can be used to translate singular they/them. Continue reading →

At the beginning of July 2020 the first episode of Queer Comic Conversations, a Kiwi-German comic co-production is published. Additionally an interview on its process of creation is screened at the digital Comic Salon Erlangen. Continue reading →

In June 2020 the Portfolio is updated with different artistic techniques and storytelling styles. Continue reading →

May 2020 is happening mostly behind the scenes, e.g. with sketches for Queer Comic Conversations. Continue reading →

In April 2020 I get to integrate text-based transcriptions with the visual versions of my comics. They make them screen-readable and googlible at the same time. Continue reading →

In March 2020, I have to cancel train tickets and appointments at “Leipziger Buchmesse”, because corona virus infections do not allow for mass events. An anthology projects re-forms digitally and I get an offer to work with the great comic artist Sam Orchard for a queer comic project, due to distance we also connect digitally. Continue reading →

February 2020 starts like every February has for ten years, with at least one panel each hour, that I am awake. This year’s Hourlies, as the comics from Hourly Comic Day are called, document the super nice reading by Microphone Mafia at Marat community center. Continue reading →

In January 2020 I sit outside in the sun in my sketching arm chair in front of Monacensia library and start sketching the exhibition on Erika Mann image by image, step by step. I could not have guessed, that this graphic documentation would at some point in time be the only accessible entry to the exhibition. Continue reading →