Here I list all English publications online and printed. The lists of publications in German collects publications in all languages.



Minicomic auf Drawing the Times, online 01.02.2022.


Lili Fürst – Biographical Comic

Comic in the exhibition catalogue “Child Emigration from Frankfurt am Main – Stories of rescue, loss and memory”, published by Sylvia Asmus, Jessica Beebone, Wallstein, ISBN 978-3-8353-3984-2, 25.10.2021.

Corner of Herero- and Waterbergstraße

Comic about German colonial history, 18.04.2020 (accessed 18.04.2021).


Queer Comic Conversation

Book with Sam Orchard for Goethe-Institut Wellington New Zealand, ISBN 978-0-473-55245-9, 31.12.2020.

Not all by herself

Comic Essay on women and remembering history for a blog parade of Monacensia im Hildebrandthaus, 11.11.2020 (accessed 24.05.2021).

Aktion Decolonize München

Comic Documentation of an activist action, a walk around town focusing on colonial past and history of Germany, 30.9.2020 (accessed 24.05.2021).

Queer Comic Conversation

Webcomic comic documentation of a chat between two queer comic artist, with Sam Orchard for Goethe-Institut Wellington in New Zealand, 10.07.2020-10.12.2020 (accessed 24.05.2021).


Bloggerwalk at Erika Mann exhibition

Comic Essay of a blogger walk at Monacensia im Hildebranthaus, Münchner Stadtbibliothek , 12.11.2019 (accessed 24.05.2021).

Flausch Requests

Kurzgeschichten “Flausch Requests” and “Hot” in the anthology “Layers of naked”, BuchLabsSeries #2, Uitgeverij Oostenwind, ISBN 978-94-93149-02-1, 11.06.2019.



Minicomic in Zine “Ethical Sloth – Failing Foucault”, with english translations, 2014.



Minicomics “Nachbardorf” and “Kritik an weißen Schafen” in comic zine “Ethical Sloth – Hang with the gang”, with english translations, 2013.


Theory of the eggplant

Minicomic in the exhibition catalogue “trans*_homo, differences, alliances, contradictions”, No-no Verlag, ISBN 978-39-42471-02-2, 16.08.2012.

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