Press: References, Mentions, Interviews

Press on Anna Heger in English can be found here including references, mentions and interviews. A press page for xier pronouns which are German neoprouns and a German press page are also available.


Together in Colour

Article by Daniel Welsch for the Website of Goethe-Institut, translated by Faith Ann Gibson, 17.7.2020

The artists Anna Heger and Sam Orchard send their avatars to various places in New Zealand and Germany for the comic series “Queer Comic Conversations”. They talk about their experiences as queer people, encounters with hatred and violence and about support systems. […] The two artists worked together on the six episodes. The colour scheme indicates who drew which part of the comic. Figures and objects framed in green are by Sam Orchard; Anna Heger uses violet tones. At the end of each episode there is a collection of explanations and helpful links to further information so that interested readers can delve deeper into the topics covered.

Talking about unusual ways of collaborating in unusual times

Interview by Markus Pfalzgraf for the Digital Comic Salon Erlangen 2020, 12.7.2020, Youtube video.

In their new monthly series „Queer Comic Conversations“, artists Anna Heger and Sam Orchard meet online and take each other out to their surroundings and favorite spots. They share their experiences and visions on queer life in Munich, Wellington and in between. They talk about drawing together apart, about non-binary language, and getting to know each other from a distance.


trans*_homo – Differences, Alliances, Contradictions

Exhibition Catalogue edited by Jannik Franzen, Justin Time, NoNo Verlag 2012, ISBN 978-3-942471-02-2

Complex gender deconstructions titled Theory of the Eggplant are practiced by Anna Heger in her comics. Depending on the direction of the cut, gay, lesbian, bi, trans* or cis come to light, or maybe also a mix of all of the above. Reflections of gender have entered into contemporary art.