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Minicomics are short comics, mostly 9 to 15 panels. They are about concepts that are important to me, about feelings, identities or stuff I am angry with. They can be read online by clicking on the cover pages or as tiny paper booklets available in some book shops. Each minicomic has online an text based transcript additionally to the visual version, that is screenreadable. All Content Warnings can be found below.

All minicomics with link

Link to minicomic 23, called Hostile. A grey pigeon is hovering over a spiked anti-pigeon fence in a hand drawn panel with author name and title.Link to minicomic 22, called Plastic Plankton, illustrated with a seehorse and little colorfull pieces of stuff floating in the oceanLink to minicomic 21, called Happy, illustrated with an otter swimming downwards with a green background.Link to minicomic 20, called Barcamp, illustrated with the flame symbol of Barcamps, decorated with spirals.Link to minicomic 19, called A quota of 100 percent, illustrated with a spiral staircase where the shoes of a person are at the topLink to minicomic 16 - Story of the castle illustrated with a little house haphazardly drawn with just eight lines and squares for windowsLink to minicomic 8, called Exactly, illustrated with the line drawing of a head with curly hair drawn as many intertwining spirals.Link to Minicomic 5, called Laboratory Ventilation, illustrated with a hand holding a pieceLink to Minicomic 4, called Fresh Spinach, illustrated with a big leaf of fresh spinach in a hand.Link to Minicomic 3 in color, called Theory of the Eggplant, illustrated with a huge greenish courgette shaped eggplant.Link to Minicomic 3,  called Theory of the Eggplant, illustrated with a courgette shaped eggplant in black and white.Link to minicomic 2, In the next village, illustrated with a view on a village with a little church from the air.Link to minicomic 1, called Sixth Finger, illustrated with a cut off image of the x-ray of a finger.

How the minicomics project started

The first idea for a minicomic finished ass number 3, because I kept scribbling comic style explanations on napkins and pieces of scrap paper to make people understood my queer non-binary identity. LGBTQ was like a checklist, where I could tick every single box. I figured having a tiny booklet to give to people would be much faster, than explaining again and again. Nothing got faster, but the comic became a means of communication with other queer, trans and non-binary people. The recognized themselves in my comics. The minicomics also date to the time they were created. Language and perspectives may change and there will be more minicomics to come.

Content Warning

Minicomic 4 mentions food.
Minicomic 5 deals with suicide of another person.
Minicomic 8 has sexual content.
Minicomic 19 mentions sexism, racism, ableism.
Minicomic 23 depicts homelessness and poverty.

Link up to the overview over all mini comics .

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