Who is Illi Anna Heger?

detailed self portrait of Illi Anna Heger with colored pencils and watercolor on Aquarelle paper, short brown hair, black hoodie, no glasses.Illi Anna Heger scripts and draws their own comics. Often the stories are not funny, because many aim to explain or analyze. Their work includes different genres and visual approaches. In addition to autobiographical comics, they publish theoretical visual story telling and journalistic comic documentations. Illi Anna Heger works with pens, markers and water color on paper or digitally with vectors or pixels.

Since 2009, Illi Anna Heger has created and developed alternative German grammar. There is no singular they in the German language, that can be used to describe people without assigning them a gender. Some people use xier pronouns in everyday life and they are used for translations into the German language.

The website was first hosted at wordpress.org. Since 2016 it has its own domain annaheger.de.

Please contact me in case you want to use any comic, illustration or text on this website. For any kind of republishing my written consent is necessary.

Feel free to approach me with offers for comic contract work, workshops or lectures via the form below.

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