Hourly Comic Day

What are hourly Comics?

The first of February is Hourly Comic Day. Most of my hourlies are written in German, but since the visuals are more important than their text, you will surely understand them anyway. 2021 is linked with English text. There is at least one panel for each hour I was awake that day. Click on the banners will link to the full Hourly Comic.


Hourlies 2024: A person lying in sleeping in bed.Hourlies 2023: A person is reading a magazine in their kitchen on the table in front of them a teapot and tea cup.Hourlies 2022: A person is sitting cross-legged talking on their mobile with headphones.Hourlies 2021: A person is scrolling on their phone in front of an appartement building, little twitter icons flying in the air.

German only

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