Where can you buy comics by Illi Anna Heger?

You can buy minicomics by Illi Anna Heger in online at the trans*fabel webshops or in selected bookstores, in Berlin and Hamburg.


Image of a market stand of transfabel, with the name written in slanted, colorful letters trans*fabel is a webshop that specializes on zines, books, art and accessoires on the topic of “Beyond the Gender Binary”. trans*fabel also does stands at queer markets and events. My minicomics and postcards have been available since 2021.


minicomic shelf in the bookshop b_booksanthology, Layers of Naked, in a book shelf in b_books bookshopThe Buchladen b-books in Lübbener Straße 14 in Kreuzberg belongs to the publishing house of the same name. They have a comfy couch. They sell the minicomics since 2016.


mini comic shelf in the bookshop Strips and StoriesThe comic book store Strips & Stories in Wohlwillstr. 28 in St.Pauli is my most favorite bookshop for graphic novels. They also have magazines, fanzines and novels. They have been selling the minicomics since 2013.


minicomic shelf in the bookshop Buchhandlung im SchanzenviertelThe book store Buchhandlung im Schanzenviertel at Schulterblatt 55 is leftist book store with novels, books on politics, and the also carry comics and graphic novels. They have been selling the minicomics since 2016.