Comics by/about trans women, trans men and genderqueer people


This is a collection of comics from/about trans women, trans men, nonbinaries and other trans people. This collection was created back in 2014 and is awaiting a renovation to include all the trans comic books and webcomics that have since then been published. Some of the links are no longer working, this is a glimpse back to 2014.

If you want to share with me your favourite comic by trans authors on trans topics, please comment or send your comment via contact form.

Below you see a statistic of the English comics. Please find the listing of German comics on the next page.

trans woman trans man other
by 5 9 9
about 12 12 13

Khaos Komix

by Tab Kimpton (trans man)
about Charlie (trans woman), Tom (trans man),

Shade of A

by Tab Kimpton (trans man)
about JD (genderqueer), Chris (cross dresser)

Venus Envy

by Erin Lindsey (trans woman)
about Zoe (trans woman), Larson (trans man)
homepage, cast

Elias * Ericson

by Elias Ericson (trans man)
about himself and other people on the trans spectrum
Tumblr, interview

FINE a comic about gender

by Rhea Ewing (genderqueer)
about different people on the trans spectrum

Limp Wrist

written by Scout Wolfcave (trans woman) and drawn by Penina Gal (genderqueer) about Scout Wolfcave (trans woman)
homepage Penina

Failing Sky

by Dax Tran-Caffee (genderqueer)
about Tuan (genderqueer)
homepage, archive

Trouble X

by Yori Gagarim (agender and trans)
about different people on the trans spectrum
excerpt, archive

A comic about the life of a fat, queer, feminist, butch, trans*, poly nerd

by Pussybear (trans man)
about himself

k*roo – queerfeminist trans* bike punk comix

by Zac (trans man)
about himself

Theory of the eggplant

by Anna Heger (genderqueer)
about themselves

1000 Butches

by Elisha Lim (genderqueer)
about Butches

Rooster Tails

by Sam J. Orchard (trans man)
about himself

As the crow flies

by Melanie Gillman (genderqueer)
about Sydney (trans woman)

loud & queer

by K Funk (trans man)
about himself
excerpt, homepage

What’s Normal anyway

by Morgan Boecher (trans man)
about himself


by Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick (trans woman)
about Rain (trans woman)
homepage, archive

Katie Lynne Sapphe the Webcomic

by Rebecca Gabriella B* (trans woman)
about herself and other people on the trans spectrum
example, homepage

Copper Rose

by Tyler (trans man)
about himself
example, homepage, archive

Kimchie Cuddles

by Tikva (cis woman)
about Crystal (trans woman) and Marco (gender queer)

Prince of Cats

by Kori Michele Handwerker (nonbinary)
about Sam (transgender)

Robot hugs

by RH (genderqueer non-binary)
about other genderqueers and trans people
Examples 1 2 3 4, homepage

Trans Girl Next Door

by Kylie (trans woman)
about herself


by Tresenella
about Sarah (trans woman)


by A. Stiffler (dfab agender person) and K. Copeland (cis woman)
about themselves

Assigned male

by Sophie Labelle (trans woman) about a transgender girl

Questionable Content

by Jeph Jacques (cis man)
about Claire (trans woman)

Dykes to watch out for


by Alison Bechdel (cis Frau)
about Janis, more (trans Frau), Jillian (trans Frau), Lois (cross dresser), Jerry (trans Mann)
homepage, archive, book

Trans Girl Diaries

by Evelyn Poor (trans woman)
about herself and other trans women

Other Links not yet researched

Trans Guys in Webcomics
Transsexual Identities in Manga


Thanks to Chris, Theresa, Mai, Anja, Kewagi, Tina, Glitzer and Bleistiftrebellx for suggestions and comments.

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