References to German xier pronouns


Together in Colour by Daniel Welsch for the Website of Goethe-Institut, translated by Faith Ann Gibson, 17.7.2020

Anna Heger created one of these alternatives, the non-binary pronoun “xier.” “My pronoun, the xier pronoun, it is sometimes used by trans people, but a lot of people on the trans spectrum are actually using he and she pronouns,” says Anna Heger. “This is something the person in question should decide. Xier is not a trans pronoun per se, it’s a pronoun that could be helpful for non-binary people and that could be used to talk about everybody when you don’t know the genders.”

Tweet von @cuffedCatling, 30.06.2020,


Will a New Law Forever Change the German Language?, article by Madhvi Ramani for, 28.02.2018

Artist Anna Heger’s suggestion of xier as a personal pronoun, with nouns referring to people modified by an underscore to be made gender neutral (Lehr_erin), could be used for people who do not identify as either male or female as well as when gender is irrelevant.