Comicdocumentation: Concerted Action Decolonize München

On Sunday, September 27th, a coalition of non-governmental organisations invited round for the concerted action “DECOLONIZE MÜNCHEN – Kolonialstraßen umbenennen” (english: decolonzie Munich – rename colonial streets). It started at 10 am at the end of Von-Erkert-Platz in Trudering, an urban district of Munich.

Watercolor Sketch, two people with microphone and amplifier are in front of a wooden wall at the end of Von-Erkert-Platz

Activists of different groups spoke at the microphone on the origin on the so-called colonial districts and elucidated German colonial history. They share the conviction of a strong no against of a tribute of being names on street signs for mass murderers and where massacres took place. There are 20 people, they all keep their distance from each other and wear masks. Continue reading

Article: Transcribing Screenreadable Comics


I want my comics to be accessible not only visually, but also tactile and acoustic to be read via screen-reader and text-to-speech or braille display. I need a transcription into pure text. To make decisions while transcribing I need to know my objective. My first goal is accessibility. A second goal is to make text search possible and have googleable content. A third goal is to get to know my comic on a deeper level. Making decisions about how to transcribe makes me more aware of its visual language, its storytelling and the shifts of perspective. Transcribing is therefore also a tool to evolve as a comic artist.

Wanting to make make my comics accessible beyond the visual has a lot to do with my own audience. I wrote about this in my first blog post on screenreadable comics, which includes a list of all the comics already transcribed.

Accessibility and the analysis of one own work where the focus during the first workshop “Transcribing Screenreadable Comics”. Here I want to talk about two aspects: storytelling in the transcription and decisions with regard to depth of details. Continue reading

Web Comic Series: Queer Comic Conversations


For Goethe-Institut Wellington in New Zealand, Sam Orchard and me and went to have and draw Queer Comic Conversations. Sam Orchard is well know for his web comic Rooster Tails. This web-comic series is published simultaneously in English and German from July to December 2020. In addition to two pages of visual version of the comic, each episode contains a text-based version, a transcript where visual information is written out as text. More on the background on this can be found in my article on #ScreenReadableComics. More information on the background of the comic project can be found at the end of this page.

Monthly episodes

4/6 October – Chosen Family

Link to September episode

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Article : Screen Readable Comics

Why do they need to be screenreadable?

Pixilated online comic are not accessible to everybody. A screen reader is unable to read out text from image files in .jpg format. A screen reader is a tool that converts text and HTML structures into a form accessible for readers using a speech synthesizer or a braille display. The output is acoustic or tactile. People that surf my website with speech synthesizer or braille display would not have access to the comics. How can I change that? Continue reading

Foto, grobe Zeichnung wurde auf einen Ast gespießt, der am Fluss im Sand steckt

Article : sketches and notes hosted here first

I want more control over my data, therefore I will first publish #immerzeichnen Sketches and part of my tweets and facebook updates here.

Starting this week, this website got its own sketchbook: Posting excerpts from my sketchbook and from work in progress projects motivates me to keep going and to sketch regularly. I created the hashtag #immerzeichen to tie these posts together and enable my followers to mute the stream of visual input if necessary. Continue reading

Comic Documentation: Erika Mann Exhibition in Monacensia in Hildebrandthaus in Munich

The Monacensia in Munich invited Bloggers to experience their Erika Mann exhibition. They are part of the pubic library in Munich and host the literary estate of the whole Mann familiy. We were introduced to the house, their archival work, the Erika Mann exhibition and a lyrically live performance. I was watch and listened and kept sketching away.

Introduction of the library: “Monacensia operates as literary memory for Munich”.

3 bloggers in the exhibition

My ink sketches and a view of the Erika Mann Exhibition.

sketchbook and view of Erika Mann exhibition
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Book: Layers of naked

We took a one week break from our daily lifes and met at Waldschlösschen Academy near Göttingen to write a book with queer short stories. The framework for the book was set by Bram and Mio, the creators of the BuchLabs Series, a collaborative creative writing project for queer authors. Queer life is relevant. Let’s make a book out of it.

We worked layers of experiences into short stories. The stories touch LGBTQ topics and deal with neurodiversity, bigotry, passing, kinds of family, and the meaning of nakedness, illness and joy. I feel full of joy for my stories and elated at the coauthor’s stories that I saw come into existence and grow. I am happy about all the insights I got from them and the input I gave to them.

read excerpt of the book

‘Layers of naked’. BuchLabs Series. 104 Seiten, 12 x 19 cm. ISBN 978-94-93149-02-1. € 10.

Caroline Ausserer
Niu Borge
Jona Brink
né Fink
Anna Gulczyńska
Illi Anna Heger
Karim Kehrwieder
Benjamin Löhmke
Wim Rooth

Workshop: Nonbinary Gender Label Biographies Bern

I will participate a the Trans Congress in Bern with a workshop. On Sunday, the 8th of September at 3pm I will facilitate a workshop on sharing our experiences with gender labels. Choosing labels is often not easy for trans people that are not binary trans.

Nonbinary Gender Label Biographies

Finding gender labels that fit and dealing with wrong gender labels is especially hard for nonbinary trans people. This workshop is for all people on the trans spectrum that are not (only) trans men and trans women. You may call yourself nonbinary or not.

The workshop will provide a space for each to talk about how our gender labels changed and provide the opportunity to listen to each other. Finding gender labels that fits is not straight forward, but there is happiness in being seen and understood. The workshop will be held in English and the gender labels may be in any language.

Overview over all workshops.

ComicChallenge : Walking home 100 miles

This is an entry for the DailyComicChallenge, that the comic maker Henna Hoplin started. The topic from the 11.4.2015 was WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL… You don’t know stuff until you know it. How did it change how you think or act? Did it? How did it feel to suddenly realize and understand something new or from a totally different point of view?

The story takes play in a childrens camp. When I was 20 I was the arts and crafts teacher there.

Walking Home



Minicomic 05 : Laboratory ventilation

Content Warning

The comics deals with suicide of another person.

Background to the Comic

The following minicomic concerns an incident at the university workplace I was at at the time. The comic is dedicated to my former colleagues, all of them. I often wondered what I have done in spring and summer of 2009 and do not remember. And then I do with sadness. I am glad though how well we did take care of each other even though that was a work environment.

Go to screenreadable comic version

visual version of the comic

Page 2 of Minicomic 5, called Laboratory Ventilation, the entire comic is transcribed to plain text Continue reading