Article : Genderneutral Pronouns

Here an overview of genderneutral pronouns in English, you can find a description of German gender neutral pronouns on the Pronouns Page.

Each alternative is tested with the following example sentence: “The reader comments the post. He himself leaves a link to his blog”.

Invented Pronouns

“The reader comments the post. Zie hirself leaves a link to hir blog.”

“The reader comments the post. Per perself leaves a link to per blog.”

Using the singular they

“The reader comments the post. They themselves leaves a link to their blog.”

Existing Slang Words

“The reader comments the post. Yo leaves a link.” Grammar Girl

Übersichtsseite “A General & Specific Discussion of Gender-Neutral Alternatives to Gendered Pronouns, Including Answers to Frequently Asked Questions” GENDER-NEUTRAL PRONOUN FAQ

Workshop : Challenging relationships

Sunday, 11.4.09, Jacky and me will give a Workshop in Vienna at Autonom-Feministischen Frauen-Lesben-Treffen. Here a short summary:

Challenging relationships

Which concepts, promises, beliefs and images are associated with a non-monogamous lifestyle? What role do these images play in my relationship practice and how do they affect relationship dynamics?

This workshop is for women who are in one, none or many relationships and who wish to challenge relationship norms with us.

Workshop : One, many none

Workshop about relationships together with Antidote at Ladyfest Viena 2007.

You are angry about the prejudices and norms attached to being or not being in a relationship. Your partner loves somebody else, but the love between you and hir is not over. You wonder how this is going to work out. You have more than one relationship or would like to and want to talk to others about multiple relationships and polyamory. You are polyamorous, you do not have a relationship right now and you wonder how to tell new romantic interests, that you can imagine having more than one girlfriend/…/boyfriend. You don’t recognise yourself in the available catalogue of possible relationship types. Friends, lovers, love of one’s live, family, sex buddies are not sufficient to describe your wishes and feelings for others. What different types of contact to others are possible? Do you have everyday experiences to recount? What about time management, compersion, jealousy, compulsive coupledom, the faithfulness principle and the monogamy commandment? This won’t be a lecture. We want to provide space to discuss wishes, real life stories, alternative relationship forms and more.