Hourly Comic Day : 1.2.2022

Background to Comic

I did not make it on time in this 12th year of participating, but you see for yourself, I drew at least one panel per hour I was awake. Below the visual Comic find a text-based version, Screenreadable Comic Version.

visual version of the comic

Hourlies: 2022, the entire comic is transcribed to plain text in the following part

Transcript of Comic to Plain Text

4.Feb Hourly Comic Day 2022
The title is handdrawn in black and white with a circle around it.
The comic is drawn with simple black lines on white in square panels. The times are written in a little box in each panel.

8:00 A person, Illi, with a white long arm shirt is jawning and stretching sitting in bed.”Taking it slow”.

9:00 Illi with headphones, hand on hip, is talking on their mobile phone. One speech bubble says: “Mama, hmm, okay” and another one is empty. “On the phone.”

10:00 Cake, Illi sits at a table, in their hand a steaming cup of tea, on the table a teapot, the cake, books, a pen. They say “yum”.

11:00 Still at the table Illi is now reading a book called “Authorship”. The notebook is open with notes and a pen at the side. The words “sunshine in the kitchen” is written like sunbeams.

12:00 Break. Illi is talking to somebody else. The speech bubbles are empty.

13:00 Illi is scrolling on their mobile phone, posts are flying away from the phone into the air looking like a snake.

14:00 Lentils. A plate with steaming stew next to a spoon.

15:00 Illi reading the book again while taking notes. The tea cup and the tea pot are steaming.

16:00 Illi is all bundled up in a black coat and boots. A walk. A little path with trees disappears in the distance.

17:00 Illi is stepping out of a creek with naked feet. At the side next to a tree their boots.

18:00 Quick snack. Illi still outside in their coat bites into a burger.

19:00 A sketch of a panel with a person stretching is surrounded by the tiktok symbols for record, for music, for captions, for cutting video. Above it handwritten: “Panel to video”

20:00 On the phone again. Illi is sitting crosslegged with their headphones on and the mobile in their hands.

21:00 Illi is hugging a curly haired person at their door.

22:00 Illi is lying in bed. The curly haired visitor next to them snoring. Illi sketching with their finger on their mobile. Just one more panel.

23:00 It is very dark, the old fashioned window and plants can hardly be seen. The moon is shining in the corner of the window.

Last panel: A drawn tooth with an angry face. Handwritten: 01.02.2022, an angry tooth kept me from starting hourlies on time.

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