During the past years I gave workshops on labels, on genderneutral pronouns, poly relationships and trans issues. If you want to invite me to give a workshop at an event in your town, please use the contact form.


02.07. Alternative Pronouns, Fachgruppe Geschlechterforschung, Uni Göttingen
08.05. Label Factory, InterTransConvention, München
07.05. Label Factory, InterTransConvention, München


05.09. Label Factory, Mini Queer ZineFest Berlin III
05.06. Label Factory, FemCamp – queerfeministischen BarCamp, Wien


16.08. Alternative Pronouns, QueerFemCamp Walchensee
31.05. Trans visibility in Comics, TransConvention
21.03. Alternative Pronouns, ST*QR Gießen
28.02. Alternative Pronouns, QueerCafe München
01.02. Alternative Pronouns, Les Complices* Zürich


03.08. Alternative Pronouns, Togetherfest Düsseldorf


13.10. Everything besides Monogamy, 1. Bi Convention München
27.05. Transmisogynie in Lesbian Spaces, Lesbenfrühlingstreffen Nürnberg
19.05. Everything besides Monogamy, TransConvention München


04.06. Transmisogynie in Lesbian Spaces, TransConvention München
28.05. Transmisogynie in Lesbian Spaces, Offpride Zürich


16.05. Yes, no, or – Are you a man or a woman?, TransConvention, München


01.11. Everything besides Monogamy, LesBiSchwulen* Kulturtage Göttingen
11.04. Everything besides Monogamy, Autonom-Feministisches FrauenLesbenTreffen

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