Comic Documentation : Erika Mann Exhibition in Monacensia in Hildebrandthaus in Munich

The Monacensia in Munich invited Bloggers to experience their Erika Mann exhibition. They are part of the pubic library in Munich and host the literary estate of the whole Mann familiy. We were introduced to the house, their archival work, the Erika Mann exhibition and a lyrically live performance. I was watch and listened and kept sketching away.

Introduction of the library: “Monacensia operates as literary memory for Munich”.

3 bloggers in the exhibition

My ink sketches and a view of the Erika Mann Exhibition.

sketchbook and view of Erika Mann exhibition

bloggers and Sylvia Schütz

Sylvia Schütz shows us around the exhibition: “Erika and Klaus pretended to be twins while on their trip around the world”.

bloggers and Sylvia Schütz

View of the Erika Mann Exhibition [image by Stefan Loeber, Münchner Stadtbibliothek]

big images of Erika Mann on the walls of the exhibition

Literary archive, library, science space, management.

Stairs leading to the literary archive

Frank Schmitter shows us originals from the literary estate of the Mann family from the Monacensia’s archive.

old diary held in white gloved hands

As a finale, a lyrical Performance by Theresa Seraphin und Lisa Jeschke. One performs in front of us the other is heard via speakers on the mobile phone.

Seraphin during the performance, Jeschke is heard via the mobile on the desk

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