Comic Documentation : Concerted Action Decolonize München

On Sunday, September 27th, a coalition of non-governmental organisations invited round for the concerted action “DECOLONIZE MÜNCHEN – Kolonialstraßen umbenennen” (english: decolonzie Munich – rename colonial streets). It started at 10 am at the end of Von-Erkert-Platz in Trudering, an urban district of Munich.

Watercolor Sketch, two people with microphone and amplifier are in front of a wooden wall at the end of Von-Erkert-Platz

Activists of different groups spoke at the microphone on the origin on the so-called colonial districts and elucidated German colonial history. They share the conviction of a strong no against of a tribute of being names on street signs for mass murderers and where massacres took place. There are 20 people, they all keep their distance from each other and wear masks.

Watercolor Sketch, another activist is spreaking, somebody else holds a poster saying: We are saying no.

The concerted action is accompanied by an art installation at the colonial street signs. There are various stops at street signs first around Trudering and later around Bogenhausen. The art installation is set up, the background of the naming of the street sign is explained and the installation is taken down again.

Watercolor Sketch, at a blue street sign art is installed: hanging disposable gloves filled with red liquid that drips from it, red ribbons, a yellow sign saying

Red liquid dripping from disposable gloves filled with more red liquid, red ribbons and a small sign reading “mass murderer” are attached to the street signs, to make visible what those street names stand for.

Watercolor Sketch, two people are standing in front of a street sign in a residential area, there is the art installation and a ladder still standing.

At 2pm the concerted action continues in Bogenhausen. About 50 people are gathere at corner of Nettlebeckstraße and Lüderitzstraße. Representatives of the inviting organizations talk at the microphone, but also Thomas Lechner, Marion Lüttig und Stefan Jagel, city councilors that represent citizens of Munich at city hall.

Watercolor Sketch, a city councilor speaks at a street corner in front of a residential building. People listening stand around him in wide circles. They are roughly sketched

The organisations that invited to the concerted action: Afrojugend München, Arbeitskreis Panafrikanismus München, Black Lives Matter München, Migrationsbeirat der Landeshauptstadt München, [muc] münchen postkolonial, N-Wort Stoppen Initiative, MORGEN e.V. das Netzwerk Münchner Migrantenorganisationen, Netzwerk Rassismus- und Diskriminierungsfreies Bayern and ISD, Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland.

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