Hourly Comic Day : 1.2.2021

Background to Comic

For the eleventh year I am drawing at least one panel per hour I am awake. Below the visual Comic find a text-based version, Screenreadable Comic Version.

visual version of the comic

Hourly Comic Day 2021, the entire comic is transcribed to plain text

Transcript of Comic to Plain Text

“Hourly Comic Day” is handlettered digitally in big cursive letters, gray framed in black, above smaller in black only, first of February 2021, and below my, name, Illi Anna Heger.

The time is indicated on a little old fashioned alarm clock. All drawings are scrawly and grey, black and white.

10 o’clock: I pull on black pants, next to an arrow pointing to them is written: “representable sweat pants”.

11 o’clock: I sit in the kitchen with tea cup, tea pot and spoon Müsli, an arrow is pointing to the bowl: “müsli with grains, grated apple and roasted poppy seed”.

12 o’clock: Getting statistics for January. I spread my arms to estimate the size of a big overlay bar chart.

13 o’clock: I am in front of my apartment building wearing a coat and huge scarf. I read tweets on my cell phone. Little twitter symbols are flying away from my hands.

14 o’clock: Walking to our old apartment. The entrance has an intercom system and an old wooden door. I am somewhere else next to two garages under big trees: the old garage for our bicycles.

15 o’clock: walking by my very first flat in Munich. I am in an urban street an look up at my old house. At the wall they near the door they installed a cigarette vending machine. Down the street a 30 street sign.

16 o’clock: back at home I look at pictures from six month in the little village in 2004. I sit cross-legged on the floor looking a a picture album on my knees. All around me the entrance of an old farm house with a raggedy bench poorly nailed together. Farther in the back a meadow and fence and two free roaming goats.

17 o’clock: Doing digital Hourlies, I sit at my laptop. Behind me framed pictures on the wall and on my desk a water bottle and a stack of different papers.

18 o’clock: Oh noes, everybody already posted much more Hourlies. I cradle my head in my hands still sitting at the desk with the water bottle beside me.

19 o’clock: In the middle of this panel “Hourlies” written huge in hand letters, below that me talking away happily: 1) German inside speech bubbles, 2) English inside speech bubbles 3) English in pure text, and 4) German in pure text. The first two symbolized by speechbubbles, the second two by typed pages. I will have four versions.

20 o’clock: I sit at my laptop juggling invisible balls numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4, this is not faster. On the table still the stack of papers and the water bottle.

21 o’clock: I am on the phone with my headphones on. My portrait is overlayed with the drawing of brick and mortar house. The cables of my headphones, wind in spirals and connect then with a phone of a woman in a window of the house, my parents in Berlin.

22 o’clock: The little figurine of Google street-view swings left, then right, then lands on a street with two-story Victorian houses lined with trees. Google walk in Toronto.

23 o’clock: my street in Berlin-Marzahn until 2000. The Google figurine in a street with modular concrete houses, the trees have grown high, both sides of a quiet street are full with parked cars. One car is driving away.

24 o’clock: Troy, 1995. The Google figurine swings again and decends to land in a village with lots of pine trees. On the left a flat house with a porch going around the house, in the back an industrial flour mill.

1 o’clock: Berlin-Friedrichshain until 1984, a row of inner city Berlin houses. There are tram tracks in the street, cars and some bicycles parked at the side. The Google figurine in the middle of the street.

2 o’clock: the first years with grandma, a family home in a garden with high trees behind a brick-build fence with wooden partitions. The google figurine in a street with over-head power-lines.

all the places I ever lived.


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