submitted a minicomic to Oulu comics festival’s 5-day-comic-challenge: comic via Insta, it’s swipeable and screenreadable, please leave supportive comments if you like it. Hope you love peace pigeons as much as me…
A wide strip excerpt from the comic, digitally drawn in black on white with some orange and indigo accents. Text at the top reads: »hostile architecture restricts public spaces to be used in only one way«. Left) The facade of an office building, anti-skateboard elements are fastened to the concrete benches in front. Overlayed a warning sign with a crossed out skateboard. Middle) A bench that as an armrest right across the middle. Overlayed a warning sign with an crossed out icon of a person lying down.  Right) An inner city overpass with spikes installed underneath. A warning sign reads »no sleeping rough«.

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