We won! First we drew, and then we talked. Then we drew and talked more, building our artistic collaboration to make an accessible comic! For low vision and blind readers, we designed our multimodal comic conversation, #SeeingInBetween.All audio in the comic will also be captioned as text and all visuals image described.
Text on a multi pointed star announces: Accessible Comics Design Competition! Our two comic characters, Illi (Munich) and Rae(San Francisco), are drawn loosely, composed of squiggly black lines. We are moving toward each other and gesturing. Rae wears an eyepatch, and both Illi and Rae wear colorful headphones. We float against a bright yellow background above a blue arc of earth. Dots and lines emerge from the headphones to show our connection in space and time. A banner at the top includes portions of black line graphics from the competition announcement, with the following text: Program in Visual Impairments, Comic Studies, The Longmore Institute on Disability.

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