MiniComic 8e : Exactly

This MiniComic is the first one on safer sex. This one is about the necessity and difficulty of talking about sexual preferences. When I translated it into German I changed some of the text. I wanted both text and visuals to work. Visuals, words and transcription by Anna Heger, 2012-2013.

Transcription of the comic Exactly

  1. A head with curly hair. Their eyes cast downwards.
  2. A head with curly hair and naked shoulders. Their eyes cast downwards: There are ways, in which I do not want to be touched… …right now.
  3. A head with straight hair and closed eyes: It is not because I am not interested, but…
  4. Only part of their body, the arm, waist and breasts are visible.
  5. A hand firmly grabs a naked shoulder: …I would need to explain…
  6. The chin and a naked torso are visible: …exactly how I want to be touched…
  7. Just an elbow in front of black sheets: …and I am not ready yet to talk.

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