Minicomic 05 : Laboratory ventilation

Content Warning

The comics deals with suicide of another person.

Background to the Comic

The following minicomic concerns an incident at the university workplace I was at at the time. The comic is dedicated to my former colleagues, all of them. I often wondered what I have done in spring and summer of 2009 and do not remember. And then I do with sadness. I am glad though how well we did take care of each other even though that was a work environment.

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Page 2 of Minicomic 5, called Laboratory Ventilation, the entire comic is transcribed to plain text
Page 1 of Minicomic 5, called Laboratory Ventilation, the entire comic is transcribed to plain text

Transcript of Comic to Plain Text

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Laboratory ventilation

Somebodies hand is gripping the end of plastic tubing.

On the screen of my computer, an email is open. The colleague from three offices down the hall is asking: “Lunch?”

Suddenly, another colleagues stands in the door to my office and yells at me to: “Hurry, come to the lab!”

There is still the mark-up on the laboratory floor between the experiment benches.

Somebodies hand gripping the end of plastic tubing.

Gas bubbling inside a laboratory set-up.

Another hand closing the valve of the laboratory gas bottle.

Later I am in my office on the couch stuck with my thoughts: “I had grabbed the tube from his hand and threw it far away. The gas had been still bubbling in the set-up and I had closed the valve. I had already understood that First Aid wouldn’t help any more. It was obviously too late.

A view of the empty floor in the laboratory with more of my thoughts: “We would help a technical police expert with all kinds of test measurements. The ventilation in the lab turned out to be extraordinarily good, nothing would have happened in case of an accident. In the following weeks, we hardly worked, but talked instead.

The hand stops gripping the plastic tubing and falls open.


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