#VisibleNonbinary I sketch, script, explain and theorize about stuff important to me and my intersecting communities.

Combination of my illustration and text from the article: Illi Anna Heger's Grammatical Futurity by Nichole M. Neuman in Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies, 56(3-4), 302-321, 2020. Under red handwritten letters: Article on Comic-Zine, the drawing of a hand retrieving a piece of paper from the back-pocket of their pants. Then the same hand with a piece of paper, the words sif and sier are crossed out, xier is circled. Behind the abstract and keywords of the paper are inserted, see at following link: Excerpt from Comic Colored pencil sketch of birds eye perspective of a bridge at a river, that disappears in the distance. Colored pencil sketch on dictionary page, white person with short brownish magenta hair and white face mask with red dots on it.

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